Happy National Day Singapore!

The Brownies celebrate NDP 2014.

Enjoy the video.

A happy national day to Singapore. As we see more and more patriotic carparks in Singapore this year, we are also reminded that this is the time the nation reflects.

We are thinking of our future. Bukit Brown is still here with us today but maybe not by 2030.

We hope that we all continue to protect the things that are dear to us. May Bukit Brown be with us beyond 2030.




Clip shared to remind our ugly side?

This clip was shared with us on the SOS Bukit Brown FB wall.

“Oh how we love nature!”

Shouldn’t we remind ourselves not to get carried away? Let’s save and cherish our nature before it is too late.

Clearing the forest of Bukit Brown and building a highway is short term use of a small group of people.

Saving Bukit Brown is not keeping the space for the dead. Saving Bukit Brown forest is definitely for the living and for future generations of people who get to enjoy the nature that Bukit Brown has to offer.

Save Bukit Brown a 100%.


Demon-Cratic Snippet #12

Thanks for this! Demon-Cratic!

https://sosbukitbrown.wordpress.com/2012/06/15/natural-vs-curated-man-made-parks/ This letter was sent in a few months ago to Straits Times but was not published. There was no official answer to explain the logic in making such a decision on spending billions instead of spending nothing.

The Nparks Brompton Bike issue have highlighted a similar logic as well. Why buy a $2000 bike when you can get a foldable bike for $200?

We hope to hear an official statement to help us understand the decision.

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Natural vs ‘curated, man-made’ Parks

A letter sent into the ST forum by Bukit Brownie, Woon Tien Wei. However, it was not published. Here it is (Please add your comments and discussion in the thread below!)
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Dear Forum,
I am saddened to find out that the government’s intention to build an 8-lane highway cutting through Bukit Brown.
This would destroy the scenic beauty, natural environment, habitat for endangered wildlife of Bukit Brown.
The recent spending of the 76 million dollars re-development of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and the 1 billion dollars for Garden by the Bay showed the government’s serious commitment to a ‘green’ Singapore.
However, the efforts to protect the natural green forest and biodiversity of Bukit Brown do not reflect the same kind of ‘green’ Singapore aspirations.
I would like to highlight that Bukit Brown is currently used for recreation (jogging, walking dogs, cycling), unique tours led by civil society, environmental protection, appreciation and more. Bukit Brown is a park and a common space for people from all walks of life. In that way, Bukit Brown is an organic ground-up development and in that way, it is priceless and irreplaceable.
Hence, I wonder why do we spend billions of dollars for a man-made landscaped park where we shipped trees from all parts of the world adding to the carbon footprint of the world and readily trade-off the free, natural and meaningful Bukit Brown for the short-term gains like the 8-lane highway. Saving Bukit Brown is more environmental friendly and sustainable in the long term.
As Minister of National Development (MND) Khaw Boon Wan have pointed out in his statement, “Singaporeans have to take ownership of public spaces”. Therefore, I ask the government and Singaporeans to come together to be committed and creative in planning our future. Natural resources like Bukit Brown forest and biodiversity is scarce. Collectively, we can find a solution to save Bukit Brown and have a really ‘green and sustainable’ Singapore.


Woon Tien Wei

Official statement from the Society of Paranormal Investigators (Singapore) on Bukit Brown

This was forward to local print media on 4 Nov 2011 (fri), and published on the society’s official website:

Preserve Bukit Brown graves: Fellow Singaporeans

The decision to clear Bukit Brown Cemetery and make way for roads and housing development has triggered many discussions and debates.

The Society of Paranormal Investigators (Singapore), a registered society in Singapore and one of our objectives is to promote and foster knowledge exchange in our own research and investigations. This includes not only scientific but also cultural and traditions.

The Bukit Brown Cemetery is one of our usual locations that we often share and introduce to our members on its rich historical values as well as a great learning journey venue to understand Chinese graves.

The Reverend Master Lee Zhiwang, President of Taoist Mission (Singapore), pointed out that “… Preserving it (Bukit Brown Graves) also exercises filial piety to our pioneers.” (Taoist Mission, 1 Nov).

We agree on this and the Ministry of Education has pointed out that education has to be holistic and values driven. In his speech during this year’s MOE Workplan Seminar, Minister for Education Mr Heng Swee Kiat had put forward that values and character development at the core of our education system and we need moral values, such as respect, responsibility, care and appreciation towards others, to guide each of us to be a socially responsible person. Filial piety, sense of gratitude and together with appreciating our own rich heritage should be part of our values. While we educate our young, let’s not forget that we as adults and the nation at large should also set a good example. Preserving the graves is also an act of what the Chinese would say “Yin Shui Si Yuan” 饮水思源. – While we enjoy the fruit of success, be thankful and do not forget the source.

As many other readers have pointed out, many distinguish Singapore pioneers are buried in Bukit Brown. Our roads are named after them and their individual grave each tells a different story and collectively they all form our very own Singapore Story. Thus Bukit Brown has great educational value to our future generation.

In response to Taoist Mission’s letter, another reader, Mr Daniel Chia, wrote in his letter to ST Forum “Cemetery should make way for the living” (3 Nov), that that filial piety should be exercised when the parents are still alive and not only when they passed away. We believed he could have misunderstood the concept of filial piety.
In Chinese traditions, filial piety is to be carried out all the time, when our parents are still alive and even when they passed on, they are remembered and revered through many Chinese traditions, e.g Ancestor worship, Qing Ming Festival and the 7th Month Festival.

We understand land is precious in Singapore; chances of preserving whole of Bukit Brown are slimed, but we still will like to urge the authorities besides documenting Bukit Brown, to consider preserving part of Bukit Brown or identifying distinguished pioneers’ graves and relocate them.

While having a virtual Bukit Brown Cemetery may be a good idea, it will still be a great pity if the actual monuments and historical artefacts are gone. Many people think that Singapore has little history but what we are removing now physically is history. It is certainly not a small part of Singapore’s history but a major part. The pioneers have done a lot in building our nation and Bukit Brown is their final resting place. Let show our respect and gratitude to them by continuing to allow them to rest undisturbed and future generations can still visit them, to understand our Singapore Story.

MJ Chow

Vice – President, Head of Dept of Historical Research

The Society of Paranormal Investigators (Singapore)