Write a Letter

You can write to our Ministers and Members of Parliament to voice your opinion on protecting Bukit Brown from the bulldozers. Here are two sample letters you can use – one is for Ministers and another is for MPs. Download, edit and send out as many as you can.

Letter to Minister

Letter to MP

To find out who are the MPs in your constituency, visit Parliament’s website http://www.parl.gov.sg/whos-my-mp. Key your postal code in the search field and the list of MPs in your area will be displayed. Click on their names for their contact details.

To obtain the contact information of key Ministers, go to the Singapore Government Directory www.sgdi.sg. Here are a few people you might want to contact:

If you know the contact information for the companies involved in the ongoing clearing and surveying of Bukit Brown Cemetery, please do let us know at sosbukitbrown@gmail.com
We could arrange to write to them as well. 


4 thoughts on “Write a Letter

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