About Us

Welcome to SOS Bukit Brown – Save Our Singapore.

This website is created by a group of ordinary Singaporeans who firmly believe that Bukit Brown Cemetery should be kept intact. Our group includes teachers, artists, writers and other professionals. We wish to complement all other existing efforts by the Singapore Heritage Society, Nature Society (Singapore), Asia Paranormal Investigators, Bukit Brown Facebook groups & many others.

Right now, our group includes (in alphabetical order according to surname):

  • Ian Chong
  • Lisa Li
  • Erika Lim
  • Jennifer Teo
  • Woon Tien Wei

We welcome more to join us, make suggestions, & add to the various efforts taken to save Bukit Brown. We can be contacted at sosbukitbrown@gmail.com. Thank you!

Our Beliefs

Bukit Brown Cemetery is one of our last direct links to our pioneer generation, and the last place ordinary Singaporeans can collectively venerate our forefathers. It is a space where families can visit loved ones buried in its grounds, and conduct traditional rituals to respect and honour them. The mere documentation of exhumed and destroyed tombs alone cannot do justice to the rich cultural and ecological value of the physical place.

Bukit Brown Cemetery is a 200-hectare green lung which serves as a carbon sink, a natural air-conditioning and rainfall sponge for the whole of Singapore. We believe that building a major road through Bukit Brown will destroy its serenity and endanger the wildlife there – 86 bird species, 12 of which are already critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable. The greenery and biodiversity of Bukit Brown is necessary for a sustainable Singapore.

With 100,000 graves, Bukit Brown is one of the largest Chinese cemeteries outside of China. With minimal capital input, it can be turned into a heritage park that includes a museum detailing the lives of our forefathers and guides providing tours of its magnificent 200-hectare landscape. We call upon the authorities to envision creative ways of preserving Bukit Brown as a national asset that benefits all of Singapore – a space for our past, present and future.

In our petition, we call upon the Singapore Government to fully reconsider its development plans for Bukit Brown Cemetery. We believe that building a road through the cemetery in 2012 marks the first step towards the destruction of the entire area. We thus urge the government to save Bukit Brown 100%.

Please sign our petition so that we can speak with a loud collective voice. We aim to collect 100,000 names – one for each grave in Bukit Brown Cemetery – by end Dec 2011. Please help to spread the word! Click on [Action > Sign Our Petition] for more details.

We will not share your personal information for activities unrelated to saving Bukit Brown without your express consent.


7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,
    While I’d like to sign the petition, it’d be nice to be able to put a name/face to this website, so that we know who’s collecting our personal data and where it will be sent (e.g. to which MP). Thanks.

  2. The petition will likely go to the ministers in charge of transport and national development, since they are in charge of the lead agencies on developing Bukit Brown. We also encourage you to write to your own MP to raise the issue in Parliament. We have sample letters that you should feel free to modify and send out in the “Action” part of the site, listed under “Write a Letter”.

    • This petition that we have here asks specifically for your NRIC number in addition to your name. We believe that this information carries more weight with the relevant authorities when we submit the petition. Please note that we do not share your personal information without your explicit approval.

    • Would be good if you could sign both of them. The i-petition form was started by Dr Johnson in June 2011. SOS Bukit Brown created this offline petition in Nov 2011 in the hopes of reaching the non-online community. Both petitions have the same aims though.

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