Natural vs ‘curated, man-made’ Parks

A letter sent into the ST forum by Bukit Brownie, Woon Tien Wei. However, it was not published. Here it is (Please add your comments and discussion in the thread below!)
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Dear Forum,
I am saddened to find out that the government’s intention to build an 8-lane highway cutting through Bukit Brown.
This would destroy the scenic beauty, natural environment, habitat for endangered wildlife of Bukit Brown.
The recent spending of the 76 million dollars re-development of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park and the 1 billion dollars for Garden by the Bay showed the government’s serious commitment to a ‘green’ Singapore.
However, the efforts to protect the natural green forest and biodiversity of Bukit Brown do not reflect the same kind of ‘green’ Singapore aspirations.
I would like to highlight that Bukit Brown is currently used for recreation (jogging, walking dogs, cycling), unique tours led by civil society, environmental protection, appreciation and more. Bukit Brown is a park and a common space for people from all walks of life. In that way, Bukit Brown is an organic ground-up development and in that way, it is priceless and irreplaceable.
Hence, I wonder why do we spend billions of dollars for a man-made landscaped park where we shipped trees from all parts of the world adding to the carbon footprint of the world and readily trade-off the free, natural and meaningful Bukit Brown for the short-term gains like the 8-lane highway. Saving Bukit Brown is more environmental friendly and sustainable in the long term.
As Minister of National Development (MND) Khaw Boon Wan have pointed out in his statement, “Singaporeans have to take ownership of public spaces”. Therefore, I ask the government and Singaporeans to come together to be committed and creative in planning our future. Natural resources like Bukit Brown forest and biodiversity is scarce. Collectively, we can find a solution to save Bukit Brown and have a really ‘green and sustainable’ Singapore.


Woon Tien Wei

3 thoughts on “Natural vs ‘curated, man-made’ Parks

  1. Lets move on. The government took down Bukit Brown and recreated a modern one for not only SGporean to enjoy but for the whole world to envy. Kindly visit the “Cloud Forest” at last section – “Secret Garden” and you will know what I mean. It is not a just a pretty garden there is a secret behind this wonderful garden, there are nature conservation and recyclation. It really a petty more visitors just bypass that section.
    We must know “the behind the scenes” and the effort that this government is doing for us and to show SG to the world. We must support and not protest just for the sake of protesting. It is not productive.

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