Bukit Brown – Where the Fallen Lie

Bukit Brown is a site where many of the fallen from World War II lie. It is a burial for war heroes, just like it is a resting place for members of the Tongmenghui (同盟會). These add significance to a green space that is also an environment where Singaporeans can connect with what our forefathers represent. Projections do not capture these. “Stop at Two” and the “Graduate Mothers Scheme” also relied on projections. These were well-meaning, but later needed significant corrections. Singaporeans bear the cost of such adjustments. Save Bukit Brown. Save OUR Singapore. Petition at sosbukitbrown.wordpress.com and write your MP.

Thank this Bukit Brownie for making this video!

If you enjoyed watching the latest video contribution from this concerned citizen. Inspired by it, do like it and even better make a response to it. If you want to join the campaign send the images, messages, articles and videos coming!

Send to sosbukitbrown@gmail.com


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