SOS Bukit Brown – Save Our Singapore!

The Singapore government wishes to build a highway the size of CTE (8 lane – 48 m wide by 2.2 km) through Bukit Brown. The process of exhumation and highway planning will start as early as March 2012. The result will be the losing of 5000 graves, destroying the forest, bio-diversity, global warming and other environmental impacts like the risk of flooding.

We are asking everyone concerned with the fate of Singapore to step forward to lend your voice to this campaign. Your voice can help the various authorities understand the importance of Bukit Brown and the highway is not right. Your voice can change their minds and save Bukit Brown.

Join the thousands to SAVE Bukit Brown 100%. Say No to the Highway.

Here is how you use and lend your voice for the campaign:

1) Lend your voice by putting your name down for our open letter to the government to save Bukit Brown 100%.

This is the most direct method. We aim to collect as many names as we can to show that Bukit Brown is important and destruction should be the last option. Please help to spread the word! Click on [Action > Sign Our Open Letter] for more details.

2) Use your voice. Write to our Ministers and Members of Parliament to voice your opinion on protecting Bukit Brown from the bulldozers. Click on [Write a Letter] for more details.

3) Use your voice. Like the SOS Bukit Brown Facebook page and tell your friends to do so too. [Action > Like Fanpage > Volunteer]. You can be informed of volunteer opportunities to help with the cause.

4) Be Pro-active. Come forward and help the campaign. We need help to bring the Bukit Brown issue to others. We are looking for people who can help translate the petition into Malay & Tamil. We are looking for volunteer guide. We need Bukit Brown ambassadors to at public events to talk to the public to raise awareness at our Pop-Up Open Letter Booths. We need ‘keyboard’ activists to help propagate our message. We need creative force to make videos, images, posters to capture the public’s imagination. We need economist/ sociologist/ architect/ civil engineer/ environmental engineer etc, and are willing & able to do a pro bono public cost-benefit analysis of Bukit Brown’s proposed destruction. Please contact us at if you can help.

For more information and other related sites, please see our [FAQ] or [Blogroll]. Suggestions are most welcome. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “SOS Bukit Brown – Save Our Singapore!

  1. Hi all, my name is Benjamin Yoong and I am currently doing my last year of IB and it would be a huge help if you could complete 3 of my short perception surveys on three different areas in singapore. Bukit brown, Gardens By The Bay and Botanical Gardens. The data from the surveys collected will be a great help to my extended essay which is an essential part for me o get my diploma. Thank you! – gardens by the bay – botanical gardens – bukit brown

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